Lost File Recovery Software

Are you tensed for any missing data from PC? Then you are not alone, there are dozens of users who are going through same dilemma. So, instead of losing your cool, try to find some trusted or relevant solution to bring back missing files.

Live example for missing file case:

“Recently, I realized presence of many unwanted stuffs on my PC; so thought of removing them from it. During the process, I selected files and folders altogether and performed simple Delete. However, Recycle Bin on my system was already full with previously deleted files. So, maybe for not getting enough space, few files bypass Recycle Bin.

Maybe you will be confused; that why I am over thinking about it, when I only removed them from system, right. Then reason behind desperately looking for files is my upcoming project, for which I need those files anyhow. In fact, without accessing those files, this project is completely impossible for me. If you are aware of any method, by which recovery of missing files could be possible, then suggest me please.”

Other instances that lead to data loss situations are:

  • Removing files from any external storage media
  • Sudden loss of power when you are moving data from system to external drive or vice versa
  • Loosing files because of incorrect execution of CUT and Paste method
  • Abruptly ejecting externally attached device, when files from it were getting transferred on your system

For recovering lost files, what can be done possibly?

The easiest way to recover required files is accessing backup that I am sure you don’t have right now. This article has yet another way, where without having backup, you still can recover them.

So, the ultimate way to recover lost files is utilizing third party tool and Yodot File Recovery is right approach that suits better especially for this case. It has capability to get back lost data from Windows hard disk. You must be thinking that this methodology would be difficult to use, but that is not the case with Yodot. It is build with user-friendly interface where no technical skills are required. Hence, users without facing any troubles can get back lost files from system.

To know more about this tool, read on….

It is the right choice as lost file recovery software. Additionally, along with lost data even deleted files can be restored with aid of this program. This tool works on read-only mode. It can spot and restore more than 300 file types such as text files, Office files, music, photos, videos, animation files and so on. Along with Windows internal hard disk, the application is also capable of extracting lost files from portable hard drives, USB drive, memory cards, iPods and FireWire drives on Windows PC. Moreover, in case of any issues, you can get immediate assistance of 24*7-support team via live chat or call. It works well on almost all the versions of the Windows OS namely Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2008.

To make use of above recovery software, follow below written three simple steps:

To recover missing files, first click here to get the software for your Windows computer. Start installing the program and run it >> Choose “Lost File Recovery” option >> Select logical drive from where you want to undelete files >> Scanning of selected drive will start and displays all the recoverable files, choose “File Type View” or “Data View” to discard any unwanted files from list. Finally, hit “Save” button and provide destination path where you want to save all rescued files.