Simple Way to Read FAT32 SD Card

SD card errors make lot of inconvenience and may lead to data loss. There are many reasons for causing loss of information from your device, such as: while transferring data if memory card is taken out suddenly, power surge during file transfer process, formatting to other file systems (like FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS), due to virus infection or due to many other reasons. Along with this there are number of situations where in SD card shows error and don’t allow us to assess data from it. Some of such errors are listed below:

  • “SD card Not formatted”
  • “Unsupported media card inserted, format now?”
  • “No SD card is inserted!”
  • “Memory card was not uninitialized”
  • “Access Denied!”

After receiving such errors, user will be tensed and will be searching for the ways to come out of these situations. If you are one of such user then don’t panic! Because there are number of ways available which help you to come out of this issue: Let us see few of such methods:

Method 1: If you had formatted your SD card to FAT32, from then if you are unable to read the card and your Memory card showing not formatted error (RAW) then you use the following method to convert it to previus or required file system.

Here is how to do it;

#1: Connect your card to PC via card reader or adaptor

#2: Locate removable disk, select and right click on it to format using Format option

#3: Set the file system to FAT32 as it supports all media files and uploading process is faster with SD card

#4: Now click Format to finish the process

Note: Make sure to connect your memory card to the system which is free from virus. As there is possibility of data loss with virus infected computer. It is recommended to have proper backup of files before formatting.

Method 2: Memory card can be read, but not able to read data from it!

When you pull out a card during data transfer, it may get scrambled, or when you try to change the current file system to other, in such cases system cannot read any data from it. Because you might be ended up with improper file format process.

Let us see a scenario which is pointing the same message!

“I formatted my 4GB to FAT32 file system recently. But now I am not able to open my files. Can anyone suggest me for how to read FAT32 SD card?”

Follow this procedure;

#1: Plug in the card to healthy system

#2: Check if card is shown in File Explorer, check for file system and note down the drive letter path

#3: Type chkdsk e: /r in the command prompt. Here ‘e’ is the drive letter of your memory card

#4: After completion of process type y for yesto convert lost chains to files

Above steps will probably get your memory card fixed, unless it is completely damaged. But in case if your memory card is still showing “Format is incomplete” or “cannot access your card” or if you are in fear of losing data during conversion of one file system to other, then it becomes an alternative solution to use Yodot File Recovery. This application can easily by pass all bad sectors to complete the format process within few steps. The software becomes a handy tool to recover all deleted, lost or formatted data.

Other unique features of software;

  • Operates in read-only mode, this ensures there is no damage to original file
  • Easy file selection process after recovery
  • Provided with Preview option
  • Automatically calculates file size
  • Free from virus and other malware

Procedure to use Yodot File Recovery

Utilize this link to download the tool.

Connect SD card formatted with FAT32 file system to a healthy computer before installing the software

Step 1: Run the application to find out steps involved

Step2: First screen comes up with two options i.e. Lost File Recovery and Deleted File Recovery

Step3: Select Lost File Recovery as your option

Step4: Select for drive that indicates FAT32 SD card and click on next

Step5: After the scanning process you will be viewed with list of files. Select the required file or simply hit on skip to choose all file types

Step6: Preview your files and choose destination path to save them